Monday, April 27, 2009

At last!!

The paperback edition of Emily & The Silent King is finally available on Amazon! It has been available from my CreateSpace e-store for  a  couple of days, but I was waiting for it to show up on Amazon before I posted anything! The process was supposed to take up to 15 days, but when I came home from work today I was pleasantly surprised when it popped up ready to order

The book can be purchased direct from Amazon or from my e-store on CreateSpace. Unfortunately I cannot offer a discount through Amazon but I can offer one through my own e-store. If you haven't joined my Legends of Midralon fan page on facebook, stop by now to get the discount code! Also, don't forget to join the Legends of Midralon Twitter account! 

A Great Big Thanks to everyone for all the support you've given me!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So the final proof wasn't so final...

I have given up calling the book proofs that I order "the final one" or "the last one". Every time I say that, the proof arrives and I find an error or something that needs tweaking. Having said all that, I STILL think the latest version of the book will indeed be "the one". It shipped out on Friday so I am expected it to be in my hands by Monday or Tuesday of this upcoming week. After every rejected proof, I have compiled a list of things to check for and this one appears to have met all of the requirements! We'll soon find out!

As part of the pending media campaign for the release of Emily & The Silent King, I have created a Twitter entry for the book at: I am still learning the ropes of self promotion, but almost every "expert" in the self publishing field stresses getting word about your book out in as many places as  possible. I would appreciate any and all recommendations anyone cares to make regarding possible promotion sites!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Inch by inch!

What I am sincerely hoping is the final proof of book one has been shipped to me and should arrive by early next week! I think I've finally managed to tweak the cover and arrange the interior text in a good format! So when the proof arrives I will quickly scan it and make the book available publicly!

I created a Legends of Midralon Facebook page, so if you are on facebook, I would be very honored if you would stop by and become a fan! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your local librarians! Tell anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story!

I'm going to take my wife out for a little celebration dinner when that happens, she has been so  supportive to me in what has become basically just an expensive hobby(who would have thought self publishing could be so expensive!) I wish my editor Jill lived closer too so I could invite her and her husband as well. 

Even though I technically published my book last year, that was an unedited version and it lacked some of the small changes that I think make it a better story now than it was then. So I am treating this as the first "official" launch of the book. I learned a lot from several of the costly mistakes I made using the print-on-demand services. My biggest mistake not being more patient with the process. That mistake, more than any other, I hope to correct when I release the other books in the series.

I've started the second rewrite on Devin & The Empire of Wolves. I need to get a hold of Jill and figure out an editing schedule for it, but first I want to make sure Emily & The Silent King is smoothly released to the public. I'm going to be making the rounds of the inter-tron trying to drum up some interest in the book on various book/reading group sites! Wish me luck!