Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Three on Amazon

It's been a while between posts but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Brianna & The Perils of the Darkwood has been released and is available on Amazon. I have to say it is my favorite book so far, but then again, I say that about each book as I release them so there you go.
I've already begun piecing together the outline for book four in my head, I even have a tentative title for it that I will share in a future post. It's my plan to end the saga with book four but that doesn't necessarily mean the end of the Legends of Midralon. I am already thinking of two possibly three more books that will further chronicle adventures in Midralon!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Win A Free Copy of Emily & the Silent King at TempleCon 2011!!

I will be attending all three days of TempleCon 2011 and I will be giving away one copy of Emily & the Silent King each day! The rules are simple: the first person to say the phrase "Beware of the Silent King" to me between the hours of 9AM and 11:30PM EST gets a book!
You can't win more than one copy and I will be taking a picture of each winner!
Every day that I don't give a book away I will bump that copy and add it to the next day's free pool!
I will also have a very limited amount of extra books one and two available for sale at $10 each!
I will be there gaming along with the rest of the attendees so please be polite if I'm in the middle of a gaming session! Hope to see you there! It's gonna be a blast!!

Neglecting the Blog But Not the Books

I'm the first to admit I've been very lax in keeping my blog updated, but rest assured I've been busy with the books and in fact book three is nearly ready for publication. Once it is ready I will return to regular blog postings (no promises but I will make every effort!)
I will be attending TempleCon this weekend in Warwick, Rhode Island if a snow storm doesn't derail my trip and I am hoping to generate some interest in the series with a free book give away, the details of which will be in another post.
Book four, the final book of this initial part of the series, still remains in outline form and will get some serious attention in the weeks following my return from the con! As I said I will post more as I progress!
That's all for now, there might not always be long or interesting posts but there will be posts!