Thursday, February 3, 2011

Win A Free Copy of Emily & the Silent King at TempleCon 2011!!

I will be attending all three days of TempleCon 2011 and I will be giving away one copy of Emily & the Silent King each day! The rules are simple: the first person to say the phrase "Beware of the Silent King" to me between the hours of 9AM and 11:30PM EST gets a book!
You can't win more than one copy and I will be taking a picture of each winner!
Every day that I don't give a book away I will bump that copy and add it to the next day's free pool!
I will also have a very limited amount of extra books one and two available for sale at $10 each!
I will be there gaming along with the rest of the attendees so please be polite if I'm in the middle of a gaming session! Hope to see you there! It's gonna be a blast!!

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