Monday, April 27, 2009

At last!!

The paperback edition of Emily & The Silent King is finally available on Amazon! It has been available from my CreateSpace e-store for  a  couple of days, but I was waiting for it to show up on Amazon before I posted anything! The process was supposed to take up to 15 days, but when I came home from work today I was pleasantly surprised when it popped up ready to order

The book can be purchased direct from Amazon or from my e-store on CreateSpace. Unfortunately I cannot offer a discount through Amazon but I can offer one through my own e-store. If you haven't joined my Legends of Midralon fan page on facebook, stop by now to get the discount code! Also, don't forget to join the Legends of Midralon Twitter account! 

A Great Big Thanks to everyone for all the support you've given me!

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