Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The First Book Review Is In!!

Jenny over at Wondrous Reads has just posted a very nice review of Emily & the Silent King! Please stop by and visit her site, I'm sure you'll find lots of other great reviews and interesting books there!

It's always nice to receive a review of your work from someone who is outside of your immediate family and circle of close friends. While my friends and family might like my work, there is always that little voice in the back of my head saying they just don't want to hurt my feelings or they like it because they like me. Not to belittle their support, I greatly appreciate it, but as I said, receiving outside approval of my work really adds that little extra bit of boost to my self confidence. I am not sure about other writers but I am extremely nervous when it comes to showing my work to people who don't know me.

In related news, Legends of Midralon book two, Devin & The Empire of Wolves is very very very close to being ready. If I can just put the finishing touches on the cover it should be ready for a proof within the week. I'll keep you posted! That's all for now!

UPDATE! Jenny has also posted the Author Interview she did with me, which is also a first for me!! Check it out here.

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