Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two and a half chapters...

I finally managed to get in some quality writing time and churned out two and a half chapters this morning. That puts me at around 22 or 23 chapters for book three! My best guestimate is that it will be around 35 chapters long so I'm definitely on the final third of the book!

I am getting to some of the big action parts and I'm trying to decide if I want to shift the focus of a few characters. I've been trying to prune some parts that I think might fit better in book four.

The press release for book one has gone out, I hope it generates some traffic for the book. Here is a peek at it:
New Epic Fantasy Novel Released Just In Time For Summer Reading

[Toms River, New Jersey] July 11, 2008 – New Jersey author Irven Keppen has released the first book in his epic Legends of Midralon fantasy series titled Emily & The Silent King.

Following in the footsteps of noted fantasy authors from the past, Mr. Keppen’s book began as a labor of love only intended to entertain his children. Once he had created the book he realized that it was a wonderful story that could entertain others as well and at the urging of friends and family he decided to publish his book for the public.

Written over the course of a year, using his daily commute as brainstorming time to develop the characters and ideas in his novel, along with countless late night hours spent at his laptop keyboard, he was able to bring his story to life in the 288 pages of this book.

Emily & The Silent King takes the reader along on the adventures of a young girl and her three siblings who are mysteriously transported to the magical realm of Midralon. Perils and pitfalls await them in the war torn lands, as well as magical creatures straight from the pages of old fairy tales. They must deal with the strangeness of this new world and find their way back home, all while trying to avoid the sinister servants and marauding armies of the terrible Silent King.

Mr. Keppen’s book can be found under the title Emily & The Silent King at as well as other major online book sellers. Please visit the author’s website at for more details on this book and upcoming titles in the series.


Irven Keppen is 41 years old and works in the IT field in Cranbury, New Jersey. He lives near Toms River, New Jersey with his wife, two daughters and two sons.

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