Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book Three Still In Progress!

I have a few things I wanted to write about. The first being that I am still working on book three. I've finally caught up on some of my summer projects around the house and I'm starting to have more free time on the weekends, now if I could only figure out how to go without sleep I'd be able to get more done! Curse that summer drowsiness spell! I'm on chapter fourteen and the story seems to be flowing along so I anticipate I will pick up speed and start churning out the chapters faster. I'm juggling a lot of characters in the story and I hope it doesn't get too confusing for the readers. I have a new tentative title for the book but it could change as the story progresses: Brianna & The Perils of the Darkwood. Not sure if I will stick with that title, but it will do until a more obvious one appears (which usually happens as I near the end of a book.)

The second thing I wanted to mention was that I've entered Emily & The Silent King in a book contest. It has been well received by friends and family. It has also received some kind words from readers outside of my circle of friends, so I'm very curious to see how it does. I'm not too optimistic right now, it was my first ever novel and I feel like I've learned so much since I wrote it. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to submit it and see what happens! The hard part is waiting for the judging, it is going to be some time in October!

As for getting the first book into the distribution channels, it has been a nightmare. I have my fingers crossed hoping for the best regarding the latest version, but Lulu has let me down in the past so I'm anxiously waiting for something to go wrong again. It seems like the file gets corrupted or a format error isn't found until after its been sitting on their file servers for three weeks. Then I fix the problem and the whole process starts again. I feel like the book is at least four months behind where it should be, but hopefully I will iron all the wrinkles out with the process and get the other three out much quicker!

Oh and Emily I was right! That guy on the Incredible Hulk movie named Sterns is probably going to turn into this guy in a future movie!

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