Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Official!!!

I just wanted to share this email I received with you!

Your assigned ISBN has been accepted by Bowker and listed in the Books In Print database.

ISBN: (978-0-6151-7239-2}
Title: {Emily & The Silent King}
Publisher Name: {Irven Keppen}

That means the information on your book is now available to all the companies in the book world that access Books In Print. (Trust us, that's a lot of companies.)Plus, as part of the Published By You service, we're in the process of sending details about your book to our own network of print partners – not to mention other major international databases that provide information and services up and down the book supply chain. All the way up, in fact, to places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Book Company, Nielsen BookData in the UK and others!You can expect to see your work listed on retail sites within the next six weeks, but remember that each bookseller controls its own process.

Now you're an officially recognized published author. And you're global!


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