Thursday, February 12, 2009

Emily & The Silent King Update

The revised edition of Emily & The Silent King is getting one more thorough look over by a copy editor and then it will be ready for publication. I can't wait to get this new version onto the virtual bookshelf at Amazon! In the meantime, I've been working on art work to support the first book as well as revising book two (Devin & The Empire of Wolves) and getting it ready for copy editing!

I've also become addicted to the Grammar Girl podcasts! Minon Fogarty has such a quirky style and a cute voice, I can't help but listen.I absorb about 10-15 episodes per day on my commute to and from work. I'm almost caught up with the current podcasts.

No one was able to come up with Thulsa Doom from Conan as the last "Guess the Villain" entry, so here is a new one! This one should be a lot easier and I've decided to seek out a villain that wasn't from the 80's. Good luck!


Dr.Devious said...

It's the white or ice witch from Chronicles of Narnia the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. BOO-YAH

Irven Keppen said...

Ding! Ding! We have a winner! That is indeed the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia. I guess I will have to make the next villain tougher!