Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I received a disappointing email from It turns out that I formatted my book wrong and it needs to be reformatted and resubmitted into distribution. I wish it hadn't taken six weeks for them to find this. Now I have to order another copy as a proof and wait for that to ship before I can resubmit it into the distribution process. So it's looking like another ten weeks before I can put the book up on Amazon.

So I spent some time redoing my book description for Emily & The Silent King and touching up a couple other things on the bookstore. I'm torn between giving too much information away in my summary and trying to make it attractive to potential buyers. I still haven't found the happy middle ground.

I also revised the free short story. I wanted to change the wording around a little to see if I could make it read better. Since I didn't receive any comments on it yet, I'm still curious as to what anyone who has read it thinks.

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