Friday, March 7, 2008

Gygax the Great - DM of DM's

I just wanted to type a few words in honor of the memory of Gary Gygax. Like millions of other geeks who grew up in the 80's Mr. Gygax had a profound influence on my teenage years. He was the creator of the Dungeons & Dragons game and I can personally attest to hundreds of hours spent gathered around a table with my friends rolling funny shaped dice and cheering hits or misses. I would continue playing his game throughout most of my young adult life and though I no longer can seem to find time to play, I still gaze longingly at my game manuals gathering dust on my bookshelf.
D&D fed my hunger for more works of fantasy and his World of Greyhawk novels were instantly part of my expanding fantasy novel collection. I think I owe any creativity contained in my current artistic endeavors to the creative requirements of being designated Dungeon Master for most of my campaigns. I had to be lead writer, plot developer and artist for most of my gaming sessions. I created countless worlds and enjoyed populating them as I poured through my Dungeon Master's Guide or Monster Manual.
Even now with four children of my own I am still a fan of the D&D game and my children have entered into it's realm of imagination as well. I fully encourage them to play the game, knowing that it will help spark their imaginations and creativity in future endeavors.
So with these final words, I would like to say thank you to Gary Gygax for inspiring me and that I will always remember his name with great fondness. I for one feel sadder knowing that his jolly spirit is no longer among us.
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