Friday, March 14, 2008

Introducing the gargrin

As promised here are some of the concept sketches I made of the creatures appearing in book two Devin & the Empire of Wolves. The gargrin are giant six legged mutant rats that are supposed to be as big as a horse. The first sketch I made without reference material and when it was done it ended up looking more wolf-like. My wife said it didn't look very ratty and I agreed. Please ignore the scan lines, I'm still trying to get my old scanner to work with Vista but for now my wife is using her scanner. Here is that first sketch:
So I went back to the drawing board and tried to make the gargrin more ratty looking. Now the consensus is that it looks too ratty! LOL I can't win! So here is the second sketch:
So where does that leave our six legged friend? Well I may do some head swapping and some body morphing. I think the gargrin is somewhere between these two images. I'll keep posting some shots so you can see for yourself.

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