Friday, January 4, 2008

Almost there!

I've almost finished chapter twenty three, I just need to put together the ending of the scene. I wish I could talk more about what's in the chapter but I don't want to post any spoilers. That is probably the hardest part of this whole process for me. It's like having the juiciest secret but not being allowed to tell anyone, it just sits there burning on your tongue! Still I've had practice, I managed to keep the entire first book a secret from my children until I had finished it and had a book printed! Then I presented it to them! The look on my daughter's face when she saw the title and read who had authored it was priceless! That memory will always be one of my favorites!

I've started working on the cover for book two, I'm getting a little more ambitious for this one. It won't be quite as subdued as the cover of book one. I'm using Vue 6 Infinite to create it along with some other graphics tools. Vue is really a fun application to use, the only problem is finding time to learn more of its features when I should be writing! I'll try and post a sneak peak at what I'm working on soon!

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