Monday, January 7, 2008


I found an old cassette memo recorder this weekend that I had laying around in the basement. I popped some batteries into it and it still worked, so decided I would use it on my commute to work. I was initially against the idea of using a voice memo device, but my wife convinced me to give it a try. "You are always telling me about these ideas that you have while you commute and then you forget them, so this way you can save them until you get a chance to write them down," she would say and she was right. It worked but not as I hoped it would, when I played it back it had warped my voice every 5 seconds. Luckily I only recorded a few minutes of notes before I listened to the playback. I guess I'll have to move on to the digital era!

I started chapter twenty four and I have my opening finished. Now I'm moving on to the heart of the chapter. I think the next few chapters will be some of the longest I have left to write. I feel like this book flows really well and I'm hoping these final chapters can build up the suspense to my big conclusion!

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