Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chapter 23

Back on track! I commute two hours a day and that fact more than anything has probably helped the most with my books! The last couple of days, in between dodging crazy new jersey drivers, I thought about how I wanted this chapter to unfold. I knew the start and the end, but I didn't have the meat of the story for the chapter. I used those long drives to flesh out the story and it was sitting in my head nice and fresh, ready to be typed up. My wife thinks I should invest in one of those voice recorder devices but I don't know if that would be a help or a distraction. I will admit that I have had some good ideas and then promptly forgotten them!
Still chapter 23 is flowing smoothly and turning out to be one of the BIG chapters in the book! As always, I can't wait to see the reaction to it! I am hoping to wrap it up within the next day or two, I think the next few chapters after that one will not be quite as demanding but that could change! I sometimes find inspiration at the oddest of times!

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