Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Book Two Shaping Up Nicely

Unfortunately I didn't feel like writing today, so I forced myself to at least do something writing related. I ended up going back over the plot outline for book two. I had already blocked the outline out into individual chapters. I made some minor modifications and rearranged some of the paragraphs.It looks like the book will be about 30 chapters long and I'm currently working on chapter 23.
I really think book two is coming along nicely, I can feel the story building up to the climax I was hoping for. The first book was for my daughter, this second one is for my son, so I'm trying to gear it towards things that would interest him. I'm anxious to see how he reacts to certain parts of it, anticipation of his reaction is helping motivate me to complete it.
It's nice that the first book allowed me to lay the foundation for the second book. It has given me freedom to do more character development and push the story in totally new directions. I'm hoping that I get the same reaction as I did with the first one from those who read it, if not better! Tommorrow I'll get back to actually writing. I hope!

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