Saturday, January 19, 2008

I didn't plan it that way

Some interesting facts popped up as I compiled my individual chapters into one manuscript. Book two ended up being thirty two chapters long, exactly the same count as the first book. I hadn't counted the chapters in book one up until this time, so I thought that was kind of interesting.

Even more surprising was that it ended up being 268 pages, again, exactly the same page count as the first book. This was not a plan I had when I sat down to write the book, the pace of my stories seems to lend itself to this size of book I guess. We'll see if I can do it again with books three and four and any other books I have planned beyond that (yes I already have ideas for at least 2-3 other books set in Midralon!)


Nick said...

Ha, that's pretty cool. But mere coincidence? I think not. Expect 32 and 268 to pop up everywhere you look now: that sort of stuff happens to me all the time.

Irven Keppen said...

I'm not that
superstitious yet.

But I'll
wait and see how I feel
about those numbers when I write book 3.

Irven Keppen said...

Oh no! if you count the words in each line of my previous comment, they add up to 3-2, 2,6,8!

I'm still not superstitious! ;)